Actually, Harold Perrineau, Jr. (mea culpa)

Superlative performance as Mercutio in Baz Luhrman's inspired Romeo + Juliet (1996).

Perrineau truly brought the soul of Mercutio to life for me; previous actors (IMHO) made Mercutio little more than a smartass rich boy. Shakespeare’s words roll from Perrineau's tongue smoothly, fiery, and alive and with MUSIC…but not only his WAY with the word…his entire being; all the subtle little nuances one could hope for in bringing a character to life. The only other actor I’ve witnessed utter Shakespeare with equal power is Al Pacino. Oh…and Anthony Hopkins ain’t bad.

Perrineau’s other film work includes*:

2000 Woman on Top
1999 The Best Man (with Taye Diggs)
1999 Day in Black and White
1999 Macbeth in Manhattan Chorus
1999 Wings Against the Wind
1998 The Tempest (as Ariel)
1998 Lulu on the Bridge
1997 Blood and Wine
1997 The Stephen Edge
1996 Romeo + Juliet
1995 Smoke(with Harvey Keitel, Forrest Whittaker)
1995 Flirt Man #1
1990 King of New York Thug Leader 1988 Shakedown
* Source:

If you have HBO, and haven’t already, you can see him as character Augustus Hill in "OZ".

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