The Harbin Y-11 and Y-12 are light transport aircraft in China. They were designed to meet a requirement put out by the Chinese government to serve as a replacement for the Y-5 (Antonov An-2 Colt). The Y-11 and Y12 are essentially the same aircraft, just with different engines. Seeing as there are no more Y-11s in service, and there never were very many, I will simply refer to the project as the Y-12 from here on out. The Y-12 was designed to incorporate STOL performance, as well as be rugged and versatile. The aircraft first flew in 1975, and entered production a year later. The aircraft now serves as a utility STOL transport in China.

Some Specifications:

Maximum Speed: 188 miles per hour
Range: 255 miles
Powerplant: two 462-kW (620-shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada (who would have guessed?) PT6A-27 turboprops

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