A used book store chain in Texas (and presumably elsewhere). Their books are more often than not less than half price, especially for technical books. In my travels to the ones in Dallas and Austin the selection is pretty good, but like any other used-foo store, YMMV. Excellent place to buy fiction, as even hardbacks in good condition rarely sell for more than $5.

Forget dropping $7 on some crappy summer hype movie, spend it here and get a month's worth of amusement.

Half-Price Books is a chain of bookstores that deals in used books and remainders. Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson opened the first store in 1972 in a space that was formerly a laundromat, in Dallas, Texas. Half-Price Books now has 64 stores in ten states.

The stores tend to be rather strong in remaindered math, science and art books and have a decent selection of used fiction and science fiction. There are some locations, though, that do not seem to have much of anything interesting.

Half-Price Books has stores in the following cities and metro areas:

Half-Price Books also sells books from www.halfpricebooks.com

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