A wonderful grocery store that has the best, freshest produce of any grocery store I've ever been in. And what's more, they're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I practically live at Haggen, because I'm too lazy to buy a bunch of food at once, so I'm always making 3am Haggen runs to buy more chips or caffeine or something.

Haggen is more "upscale" than Safeway or Albertson's (if there's such a thing as an "upscale" grocery store). Their prices are slightly higher, but to me it's worth it just because I love the place so much. Sadly, Haggen is not yet a national chain, and right now you'll only find their stores in the northwest United States, specifically Washington and Oregon.

Another reason to love Haggen is that their TV commercials and print ads feature Graham Kerr, who is hilarious and cool in a flamboyant sort of way.

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