According to Korean mythology, the Sun deity, father of Chumong, and son of the god of heaven. Each morning he decended in his chariot, Oryonggeo, to listen to the people on Earth. The chariot was pulled by five dragons, and surronded by more than a hundred people riding on swans (his retinue). When evening came, he rose back into the heavens. This represents the rising and setting of the sun.

Haemosu wanted the three daughters of Habaek(the water deity), but only succeded in taking the oldest, named Yuhwa. When Habaek found out, he was angered due to the fact that Haemosu did not follow the marrage ceremony. Due to this, Habaek's house became dishonored. Later, Haemosu impregnated Yuhwa with a ray of sunlight, and the child that she had was Chumong

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