The HP49g+ is HP's most powerful graphics calculator to date - It is pprobably the most powerful calculator in the world (what can I say, I'm a HP zealot).

It ia improved over the HP49g is almost every single way - the screen is bigger with more contrast, it's faster, has a nice keyobard (but not quite as good as the HP48), and many other features.

Here are some technial specs...

  • 75Mhz ARM CPU
  • SD card slot (128MB cards work, don't know about any larger ones)
  • USB and IrDA Ports
  • Tactile Plastic Keyboard
  • Performance: 3 to 7 times faster than the 49G
  • Display: 131 x 80 dot-matrix LCD (much higher contrast then HP49)
  • Power: Three AAA and a lithium backup cell
  • Documentation: Quick start guide and 800 page Advanced Users Guide
  • It is a nice gold colour, and looks more professional then the ugly HP49.

    For the cost, you could buy a PDA. But then you wouldn't have built in maths software, nice keyboard or long battery life. It wouldn't be allowed in exams either.

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