The first aircraft carrier, it was converted from a battlecruiser into a flush-deck aircraft carrier in 1917, and it was the prototype of all flat-tops. The first aircraft carriers designed from scratch were HMS Hermes and IJN Hosho, which both were launched in 1920. HMS Furious is the only aircraft carrier which did combat operations in both World Wars. She was scrapped in 1948.

Originally, it was built as part of Admiral John Fisher’s plan to attack Germany's Baltic coast. As part of this plan it got two 457mm guns. However that plan was canceled so a new use was sought. In February 1917 her forward gun was replaced with a flying off deck.

As a result of various problems and due to greater experience with carriers at that time, it was re-built between 1922-1925 with a full flight deck, Furious served with the Atlantic and Home Fleets until 1939. At the beginning of World War II she was employed hunting U-boats in the Atlantic and in April 1940 took part in the operations off Norway. In an unusual departure from her normal roles Furious then carried £18,000,000 of gold bullion to Canada.

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