High Energy Radio Frequency gun. A weapon that emits a powerful burst of energy spread across the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but non-coherent, scattered, random, noisy. Aka tesla weapon.

Somewhat focused by a horn, the burst can be directed at electrical devices to disrupt or destroy them. Military versions no doubt exist of varying sophistication; I know nothing about these except that post-9/11 is probably not a good time to be researching esoteric weapons. Civilian versions can be made from the magnetron of a microwave oven and a horn antenna.

I wanted to set up a speed trap with photoelectric triggers and a HERF gun on our street to shut down the maniacs who drive 45 in a 20 zone, until I realized it would shut down ambulances and probably pacemakers too, as well as signal each burst with a crack like an M-80. Oh well.

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