Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor is a successful manga by Yoshiki Takaya. Later, it was turned into an anime series. It centers around young Sho Fukamachi, and his transformation into The Guyver. The secret organization of Chronos Corporation discovered the Guyver units underneath Mt. Minakami. The units were left by aliens known as "Creators" who travelled to Earth to produce a new life form. What they created was the perfect bio-weapon; one that was intelligent, adaptible, had good combat skills. In other words, human beings. For some reason, the Creators left before they were finished with the experiments, and Chronos decided to pick up where they left off. Chronos engineered humans that could transform into beasts, increasing their power, speed, and strength. These Zoanoids were designed to work with the Guyver units in case danger occurred. Later, they would be designed for the destruction of Guyver 1 and Guyver 3.

Sho Fukamachi and his friend Tetsuro discovered a Guyver unit mistakenly after it had been dropped by a Chronos employee. Still in its dormant state, the Guyver unit took Sho's body as a host and turned him into The Guyver. He is usually referred to as 'Guyver 1' because he posesses the first unit made. Fortunately, he is able to continue his daily life because the Guyver hides in another dimension until called upon. Sho vows to take revenge on Chronos after his father's forced transformation into a Zoanoid and the kidnapping of his girlfriend Mizuki.

One of Sho's classmates, Agito Makashima, is the adopted son of the former owner of Chronos. He is also Guyver 3, although Sho doesn't know this until later. Although he pretends to pledge his allegiance to Chronos, he is actually seeking revenge for the death of his real parents. Agito's Guyver unit is black, often called "The Shadow Guyver" and is more heavily armored than Sho's Guyver. He teaches Sho the secrets of the Guyver, and helps him destroy Chronos.

Another Guyver unit did exist (Unit 2), and a hyper-zoanoid named Lisker hosted it. However, the control medal which keeps the power of the Guyver in check was destroyed. When this happens, the body of the host is disentigrated due to the large amount of power. Not a pretty sight.

Guyver Specs

Height: 174 cm
Weight: 261 kg
Control Medal - The key to the Guyver's power, this is linked directly to the host's brain. It can regenerate the host, and also go into 'defensive' mode to protect the host body.
Control Medal Laser - protects the control medal from damage in battle.
Hi-Frequency Vibration Swords - 5 inches to 3 feet in length, they vibrate at such a high frequency they can cut through anything, even other Guyvers. The are located in the forearm.
Hi-Frequency Waves - hi-frequency waves that can shatter even skulls.
Gravity Orb - A sensor on the Guyver's belt area that enables him to fly by concentrating on the orb.
Pressure Cannon - Pressure is gathered in the gravity orb and then formed into a ball, which can blast through almost anything.
Mega Smashers - The Guyver's most powerful weapon. Located under the chest plates, they are huge bio-energy cannons that have a destructive power greater than anything known on Earth. Usually only one of the two is used because of this fact...

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