The interesting phenomenon that takes place when guys go out together in groups, in which each guy will take on a certain role, of course not all roles will be covered, or some will be duplicated or doubled up on (i.e. The Smart-Funny one) dependant on the number of guys in a group. They are:

The smart one: Usually earned more than adopted, the "smart one" knows more than other guys in the group and will sometimes flaunt it to set him apart from the group.

The cute one: The one that most of the women in the locale will flock to, he serves the "initial attraction" role and lures women toward the group where other types can impress said woman with thier "personalities".

The Big (or strong) one: Requires a certain body type, but usually the strongest member of the group, he usually helps to attract those women that the cute one fails to by his impressive physique.

The Rich one: The guy with the best job/car/house etc.. usually the best dressed in the group, invariably he will be hit up for cash at sometime during the evening, he also attracts the "gold digger" element, while this picks up on the ramining of the "superficial" girl types, the ones that do come over are usually out of reach by the rest of the group so his contribution is limited.

The Asshole: some gals like an asshole, and this guy is usually the best there is (note: this one is often coupled with one of the other types, although in large groups there is usually a definitive asshole), full of snide remarks he can be quite funny although in a much different way then "the funny one". He drives off as many women as he brings in.

The Funny One: The goofball, types like Robin Williams and Jim Carey all rolled up into one. The funny one is a great asset to the group as he usually makes quite an ass of himself, hence his antics will allow any other guy in the group to start a conversation by merely walking up to a woman and saying "hey can you believe what an ass that guy is making of himself?"

The Geek: A tough one when a group of geeks get together, but one will stand out as the geekiest, and latley this member has been instrumental to picking up women in key technology areas (Bay area, pacific northewest etc...), usually his tastes in women differ from the rest of the group (when he is the solo-geek). Usually staring into his palm-pilot when the rest of the group is ogling women.

When women refer to a guy in a group they usually refer to him by his role in the group.

girl1: Which one do you like?
girl2: (pointing) the smart one...
girl1: (in recognition) ahhh...

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