My dad is a gun nut, he is proud of the fact that he pretty much has a decently sized arsenal, meaning there are over three guns per family member in my house. He flaunts the fact that he likes guns especially with his quotes and bumper stickers from the NRA like "I'm a proud gun owner and I vote" or some sort of quatsch like that. Being a gun nut isn't that bad, until you expect your children to like guns as much as you do.

I learned to shoot a gun when I was strong enough to hold it up. My brothers and I used to shoot at Coke cans with BB guns when we were little and as we got older the size of what we played with increased. I entered a competition at the age of nine with a .22 that was almost as big as I was. It was my first and last competition even though I did very well.

I don't like guns. All my brothers and father do together is collect their weapons and talk about what animal they are going to kill next. My father believes it is imperative that he owns a gun, but the funny thing is that he doesn't own ONE gun he owns over fifteen and that's not counting my brothers' guns. Personally I can't see what he is going to do with more than three guns per person. It would be more logical if he collected antique weapons, but he doesn't he hoards his guns just in case one day something happens in the boring countryside that requires my entire family to arm to the teeth with more than three guns per person. I'm waiting for that day, but I won't hold my breath.

My father believes that because he likes guns I should like guns too. According to him is seems it is like there is a gun nut gene and I am supposed to have it. I believe that it is a dominant gene, since a majority of the population isn't composed of gun nuts like my father. He still insists that I practice shooting now and then. For my sixteenth birthday he bought me ammunition and a gun cleaning kit, which I promptly returned for the cash several days later. I informed him once that I don't like guns like he does, but he merely said that it was impossible. The next day he signed me up for the NRA and my birthday present from him each year is a renewal of the membership thankfully he just sends a check that I cash and use towards more productive things like car insurance.

I can say my dad is pretty good even though he insists that I get my concealed weapons license now that I live in the city, but all I can say is that I wish he wouldn't insist that I become a gun nut just like him.

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