The ninth song off of Sentenced's 2002 cd The Cold White Light. It begins with a quiet piano and Ville Laihiala's deep vocals; "Guilt and Regret, they are my two inbred brother, Guilt and regret, O god how I hate them both from the bottom of my heart". After a second verse the chorus comes, with an odd lyric "My brothers they ask me: "Do you recall anything from yester-night, no?" They laugh at me and go: "Nothing at all? Well, it must have been an evening of joy". What this means doesn't really matter, as it simply adds to the dark atmosphere of the song. This is a song that sounds exactly like the title, of regret and guilt and anger.

Musically it goes from the piano intro and verses to very loud choruses. The funny part about all of it is that every part is played with ferocious intent. This is a short song, no time is lost, even during the two solos, one with electric guitar and the other with an acoustic guitar. This is one of the greatest parts of Sentenced, they do not waste time, they grab you by the head and give you all the melody and atmosphere you need in 3 minutes. Then they repeat this in different variations through-out. This is a very good song, as is every other song on The Cold White Light.

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