A tiny, remote island, (approx. 520 acres), just off the North-West coast of Scotland. Achieved notoriety during World War II when British scientists released anthrax bacteria on the island to test its effect on the flock of sheep living there.

The sheep were tethered in pens and a small bomb was used to disperse anthrax spores. The sheep started to die several days later and the island became so contaminated that it was declared "off-limits" for nearly 50 years.

Several attempts were made at cleaning up the island, to little effect. Eventually, in 1986, the British government contracted a specialised firm to undertake another clean-up effort. The removal of topsoil, in conjunction with spraying the island with a mixture of formaldehyde and sea water, apparently cleared the island of anthrax contamination. A new flock of sheep were transferred to Gruinard and oberved for almost four years before the island was declared "safe".

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