From the time I was very small I had an uncanny ability to imagine and create. I began reading at the age of three, conquering chapter books by six. There came a point when sharing in another's world was not enough. I needed to develop one of my own. I began to daydream so vividly that I would often forget where or when I was. Akin to these visions were the incredibly detailed dreams of my sleep. To this day I can clearly recall many of the wild characters and settings of my own "Lala Land". As I have matured I have even gone so far as to direct my dreams like movies, controlling even the temperature or time of day.

During my adolescence I was very uncertain of myself and my goals. I was fully aware that I posessed a gift, and yet so unaware of what to do with it. It became clear to me after what some would call the untimely birth of my first son. My life had been put on hold. College was not in the cards quite yet, (and to tell the truth I don't know that it ever will be). After a mere two decades of life I have experienced more confusion, heart ache, and personal growth than many individuals twice my age. I am a very open minded being, and yet I am innately spiritual. I know God has put words into my head and given them a path through my hands. This among other events and circumstances has convinced me that I must write. Every cell in my body pushes me to pour my soul onto a page. No amount of adversity or struggle can hold back my internal prose. I can only pray that others will see my words for what they are. The art of my inner being.

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