In Grokster v. MGM Studios, Inc., MGM studios was bringing suit against Grokster, a peer-to-peer (P2P file sharing program) for allowing the sharing of copyright material over the Internet. We see a few key differences between this case and the Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios case. Similar to Sony, Grokster provided a program that people could install on their computer and then have access to legal and copyrighted content on the Internet. Several arguments were also brought up in regards to portable music devices which allow one to purchase a CD and copy it to their mp3 player for portable use. The key difference in Grokster, however, is that it advertised and distributed is product with the object of promoting illegal use for violating copyright. Grokster could not prove that its main intent was not to provide access to copyrighted material, despite there being a narrow market utilizing this service for legal legitimate purposes. This is an important difference between Sony and Grokster.


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