In the early 1990s the Victorian (Australia) 'Transport Accident Commission' or TAC released a series of road safety commercials. One such commercial featured a group of happy and excited young teenagers in a car being driven by someone named 'Greg'. They're all drinking beers and none of them are wearing seat belts. Greg is then momentarily distracted as he's speeding toward an intersection and a girl yells 'GREG! THE STOP SIGN!!' but it's too late, their young lives have been cut short as a truck hits the side of their car killing the lot of them.

Based on this commercial a song was written by Melbourne band TISM. I would say the song lampoons the commercial, but that would only be half true. The song utilizes the commercial to make a point about fatalism. It intentionally misinterprets the commercial so that instead of being a dire warning against the dangers of being young and frivolous it is now a message about how trying to achieve anything at all is ultimately pointless because GREG! YOU MISSED THE STOP SIGN!

The song reached #10 on the 'Hottest 100' of 1995 and is one of two singles off the album 'Machiavelli and The Four Seasons'. In my experience this, along with 'Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me' and '(He'll Never Be an) Ol' Man River', is one of only three internationally recognized TISM songs. Which is surprising considering the inspiration for the song isn't even relevant to most of Australia, let alone the rest of the world.

The lyrics, as with most TISM songs, are brilliant and well worth looking up.

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