Rheostatics fans are collectively known as "greensprouts". This comes from a dream that Martin Tielli once had, where they were all playing on a desert island in these green felt outfits that his mom had made for them.

Or, in his own words:
1) A Green Sprout is a fan of the Rheostatics.
2) The name is anti rock and roll... or more closely- anti 'cool'.
I had a dream where my mother made us leafy uniforms from green felt.
3) You are one and so am I.

Greensprouts can be spotted around Canada (and other places in the world, although this is quite rare; excommunicanadated sprouts should be handled with care), usually sporting Rheostatics hockey jerseys or t-shirts promoting such acts as The Weakerthans, Chris Brown & Kate Fenner, The Tragically Hip, and Ron Sexsmith.

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