Greendale is a graphic novel published by DC Comics's Vertigo imprint. It is written by Joshua Dysart, illustrated by Cliff Chiang, and based off the album of the same name by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Neil Young consulted with the writer in how to turn his album into graphic novel format.

Although music being turned into comic books has been done before, much of it was based on fads and gimmicks, such as Kiss' infamous trick of throwing their blood in a vat of ink used to print their comics. But I can't think of another example of a serious elder like Neil Young letting one of his high-concept albums be turned into a high-concept graphic novel. The comic features the town of Greendale, a fictional city on the Northern California coast. Although the city is fictional, it bears a resemblance to Arcata, and other similar towns. The town is a seemingly sleepy and pleasant place, but is full of a cast of characters with eccentricities both mundane and supernatural. Some of the realistic plot elements come from the strong influence of the marijuana industry in the region. The fantasy plot elements come from a family of women with supernatural powers, who are fighting a devil figure who might be the Military-Industrial Complex. This is Neil Young mixed with Vertigo, so it doesn't always make perfect sense.

Since this is a fairly singular achievement, it is hard to judge it. I found it an interesting read, and thought many of the descriptions of the secluded town to be charming. The political and supernatural plot elements, however, were perhaps a bit heavy-handed for my taste.

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