Green Valley Lake is a settlement in the san bernadino mountains northeast of Los Angeles. The settlement consists mainly of private and rental cabins, with a small commercial area with a store, a restaraunt and bar, and a hardware store. Up the road a bit is a pretty nice campground. The center of the town is a small lake which has a beach and a boat dock, and is stocked with pretty big trout in the summer. The area is almost 7000 feet in elevation so it is usually much cooler in the summer than LA and gets a pretty good amount of snow in the winter. Theres a little slope there that used to be snowboarding only but seems to allow skiing again. In the summer, there are lots of opportunities for hiking and camping, boating in the lake (rowboats and sailboats only), and fishing. You'll also see more stars here at night than anywhere else within 100 miles of LA. To get to this little town drive up highway 330 or 18 towards big bear. A few miles before snow valley, a really crappy snowboard/ski place, theres a road going to the left accompanied by a sign that says 'green valley lake' The town is several miles of twisty paved road past there. If its winter, bring chains for that road even if they arent needed for the main highway, it gets pretty icy.

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