Title of a Pavement bootleg CD released in 1994. This bootleg was recorded from the audience at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans (though the liner notes claim it was in Georgia) on April 12, 1994. The tracks listed below are the names given on the liner, and many are incorrect; all songs performed have had studio versions released by the band. Big Gay Heart, Down/Fight This Generation, and Holly Springs Orchestra Song are actually Black Out, Fight This Generation, and Brinx Job (respectively) from Wowee Zowee; Newark Springs Orchestra Song is actually Newark Wilder from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain; and Timekeeper is actually Easily Fooled from the "Rattled by la Rush" single. This is the same recording found on the Georgia 1994 bootleg CD - the only difference is the cover art.

Track listing is as follows:
Silent Kid
Big Gay Heart
Two States
Cut Your Hair
In the Mouth a Desert
Down/Fight This Generation
Elevate Me Later
Newark Springs Orchestra Song
Holly Springs Orchestra Song
Hit the Plane Down
Summer Babe
Conduit For Sale
Gold Soundz
Debris Slide

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