The Great Lakes Brewing Co was founded in Cleveland in 1988. Since then, they have been making some of the best beer around. They also have a habit of winning a lot of awards. They have a pub/restaurant in Cleveland, in the Ohio City neighborhood, where they have all of their normal beers, plus the occasional really limited production brew, on tap. The restaurant/pub is located at 2516 Market Avenue, between W. 25 and W 26 St., just north of Lorain, in Cleveland. They also maintain a web presence where they sell all sorts of beer related merchandise, but alas, no beer, at

The beers offered by the Great Lakes Brewing Co are as follows.

Dortmunder Gold

Eliot Ness

Burning River Pale Ale

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

The Holy Moses

Conway’s Irish Ale

Christmas Ale

Moondog Ale

The Dortmunder Gold really is as good you might guess. I also enjoy the Edmund Fitzgerald Poter. So give me enough notice before the next E2 gathering and I will be sure to bring some.

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