To me what a perfect day should be.

I would like to be woken up by the sound of the rain on the window in the early morning
Then I would like roll over and look you in the eye and smile and drag you out of bed

I want to be a child all over again and not need a reason for anything I do

I want to walk in the rain
I want to feel the water soak through my clothes until the fabric can't take any more in
I need to run around and feel the life slowly seep into me
I want to take your hand and run through the trees playing hide and seek
I would like to see the little raindrops on my eyelashes warp the world around me
I want to run and splash the puddles and soak my socks
I would like to ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes

After I’m done I want to go inside and dry off with you
And then I want you to hold me in a blanket and keep me warm
I don’t hold in heat very well
I want you to whisper things into my ear after I've fallen asleep
(Or at least after I've pretended that I've fallen asleep and im still actually listening to you saying wonderful things in your soft voice)

Then as I drift off to sleep I'll know that I had as close to a perfect day as I can have
And then I'll wake up next to you in the middle of the night and tell you how wonderful you are
And then end up kicking you off the bed as I toss and turn

And that will be the end of a great day

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