Grandpaw Would by Ben Lee

  1. Pop Queen
  2. How Can That Be?
  3. Sprawl
  4. I'm The Star
  5. Don't Leave
  6. Away With The Pixies
  7. Bolt
  8. Side View
  9. Pathetic
  10. Song 4 You
  11. Trying to Sneeze
  12. The Loft
  13. Frigid
  14. Stumbling Block
  15. Ductile
  16. Love Song
  17. Green Hearts
  18. My Guitar

An album of short songs. Despite having 18 tracks, the whole album plays in a little less than 42 minutes. The mean track length is just 2:18. Song length is not an issue though; it's rather cool that so many of them are upbeat and snappy.

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