a sweetass furturistic cyberpunk band from the UK. formally known as Sneaky Bat Machine. the band members are:
Sneaky Bat
Doktork A
Crash 303

highly influenced by japanese culture, anime, (they like to believe they are anime characters. but then again, who wouldn't wanna be one of those?) video games, space, and robots. Their music is good for dancing to and space wars.

their discography is as follows:
Sneaky Bat Machine / "Boneshaker" CD Maxisingle - includes remixes of "Boneshaker" and "Little Lost Ghost"

Sneaky Bat Machine / "Disco 4 the Dead" - debut album for GOTEKI/SBM

Goteki / "RECOVERED IN NAILS: A Tribute to NIN, volume 2" - Goteki cover the NIN song "Suck"

Goteki / "WORKING WITH CHILDREN & ANIMALS" CD Various Artists / Wasp Factory Records - Goteki submit their song "We Can Rebuild You" for this compilation record.

Goteki / "Fight the Saucermen" - Goteki's first release

go to http://goteki.com for the full GOTEKI history lesson

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