Infamous spanish fanfiction writer. Obviously a nickname. Follower of anime, his greatest achievements were made trying to follow the story told in the Rurouni Kenshin series. The more he's known to have done is writing a novel on his own of recent appearance in Spain called Space Light, a satire of space-operas and hero characters. Apparently delightful with the success of his job, he's doing his second one about an investigation inside a new system of virtual reality.

The following is an example of his job.

Líos de faldas: Sagara Sanosuke, Kenshin's best friend gets stranded in Kamiya's dojo with its owner during a storm.

Little Wild Cat: Kaoru Kamiya's intentions toward rurouni Himura Kenshin. In general, fans were disappointed because both characters didn't evolve that way in TV series, which produced thousands of fanfiction works.

Actually disappeared in facfiction, his last works are dated 1999.

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