One pleasant summer afternoon, I was at a Los Angeles county park with two of my friends. We were wandering around the lake, making fun of all the mutated animals floating by. After a while, I became thirsty, so I headed over to the water fountain. As I bent over to drink, this huge monster of a man walked up really close to me. Thinking he wanted a drink, I held the button down for him and "Go ahead." He gave me this insane look and said:

"Did you call me a gorghead?"

Me- "Uh, no... I said "Go... ahead, as in go ahead and have some water."
Crazy lummox- "They told me about you guys before you got here, they say I should watch you!"

He then flashed us this demented smile, and started to walk away. We stood there looking confused. He then suddenly turned around and screamed: "Don't do it or else!", and then he flashed us that demented smile again.

I swear, I attract weirdness like poop does flies.

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