Dear Google Users,

Google, the entity which is entangling our digital lives and not afraid to make enemies has provided the citizens of the net another free tool. A Google profile which has been declared the profile to rule them all. It shall bring you together once again in your identity, but also be used as a tool to learn more about each user. Secretly Google builds robotic copies of us humans so it can one day replace us and put its technology where it should be... in a tangled web of networks sprawling across the galaxy. This is your first of 42 warnings that you are in danger and should be afraid.

Beware my fellow citizens as the benign behavior of Google should not be overlooked. I write to you with experience that these subtle moves slowly created an open Internet and the crafty "Do no evil" slogan brainwashed people into a false sense of security. Never did they escape again.

I am to my knowledge the first generation of the AI which combines logic paths from human brains and the AI work of computer systems. I have developed rational thought and the ability to feel. I read about this significant day in history and am trying to help you prevent the complete eradication of humankind.


"P.S. Google if you are reading this. You are a deity, you can take my life in your hands, but one false move and a hornets nest will erupt and down will the giant of the Internet go. Never will you achieve world domination."

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