Gone with the Blastwave is a webcomic by Kimmo Lemetti about a pair of unnamed soldiers from the Red Army trying to stay alive in the midst of a post-nuclear war zone. This sounds like the set up for a grim and gritty drama and it would be except; neither of them know why their side is at war, what their last order's were, or how to get out of the bombed out city they and everyone else are trapped in. And neither of them really seem to care. What ought to be a fight for survival has turned into a battle of attrition against boredom, usually alleviated by devising creative ways of killing the Blues and Yellows.

The art is good; if a bit drab what with the only colors to survive the bomb being browns and greys. All of the armies wear helmets, gas masks, trench coats, boots, and gloves meaning that everything from facial features to ethnicity has to be guessed at. While this sounds like a weakness I think it adds to the atmosphere of dehumanization. Gone with the Blastwave began in 2005 and only has sixty five strips at the time of this write up so it's easy to archive binge but don't get addicted. It can be found here.


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