Japanese word for a group date between an equal number of single males and females. The unwritten rules dictate that the number of males and females must be equal, and that the Gokon is organized by one male and one female in the group who already know each other. The ideal number is considered to be three of each gender.

Gokons are very popular in Japan, probably because of the strong emphasis placed on the value of groups over that of an individual.


Integral and fun part of Japanese drinking culture. A goukon is a group date consisting of an equal number of members of the opposite sex, usually in a 3 x 3, 4 x 4, or more equal ratio.

A goukon or konpa is planned by the initiator with a friend or acquaintance of the opposite sex. In most cases, it will be a classmate, coworker office lady or salaryman, an old friend from school, or even just nanpa. The initiator and the person invited will bring friends, coworkers, or whatever of the same sex to the goukon.

The point of a goukon is to meet new people of the opposite sex and have a good time by eating, drinking, and talking. Very often, drinking games are also played. Also, it is typical to exchange cell phone numbers and later try to set up date or get a chance at hooking up.

The word goukon is written in a combination of kanji and katakana. The word goukon is actually an abbreviation of the japanese phrase goudou konpa. Konpa is another abbreviation for the same thing.

Goukon is written in Japanese fonts at the top of this writeup so you might experience mojibake.

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