Gavin tried to insert the USB flash drive into the port on the left side of his creation. It wouldn’t fit. "Damn it." He flipped it around and tried again. "Fuck!" He flipped it around again and inserted it. Somehow he'd had it correct the first time.

"IT’S TIME FOR MY FOOT MASSAGE NOW!" he heard his mom yell from down the hall.

"I’m busy, mom!" Gavin yelled back. Then, in a whisper: "As soon as this thing makes me rich, I am getting the fuck outta here."

Gavin pulled his iPhone from his pocket and started up the app he had created himself to control the robot. He touched a few buttons. "Final commands now uploaded," he said under his breath, "now, let's start up the—"


"I SAID I'M BUSY, MA! I'LL WATCH IT WITH YA LATER!" Gavin shook his head. "I graduated from M.I.T. for fuck's sake." He was about to touch the button to finally activate the robot, but he stopped. He noticed a tiny drop of green liquid hanging onto the bottom of the robot's mouth. He looked down. There was a tiny mess of it on the floor.

"What the hell is this?" He wiped it off, then smelled his finger. "Ugh!" It smelled rancid. He flicked it off. "Weird!" He shrugged, then finally activated it. Its eyes and lights lit up and it buzzed and whirred to life.

A huge grin spread across Gavin's face. "OK, robot, would you like to play a game?"


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