Go Weekly is the English title of the Japanese Go newspaper Shuukan Go published weekly by the Nihon Kiin. The main focus of the 20-paged publication is the world of professional go, publishing the results and kifu (record sheets) of all important national and international tournament games (such as the Meijin, Kisei, Honinbo titles), announcing recent promotions and other special events (such as the recent murder of German pro Hans Pietsch).

Important points of games are discussed in great detail to help understand the reasoning behing certain moves, and of course there also tesuji, life and death and best position riddles. There are even more or less humorous cartoons.

It is a great resource to all those who are a bit more interested in the game, opening opportunities to view new styles first hand and to learn by watching the professionals. The level is high, and beginners won't understand most concepts, but the wealth of information makes sure there is something for everyone. Well, anyone playing Go and being able to read Japanese, anyway.

The cost is 270 Yen, about $ 2,10, which seems kind of expensive compared to other, thicker papers, but is not really, considering the market. If only a publication like this would exist for an international audience.

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