A sleeper hit in the Philippine donut industry. This donut joint first put up shop in the Fort Bonifacio area and slowly but steadily gained a massive following. People actually queue up and form long lines to buy donuts and buy more than what they can consume, possible to resell.

The company achieved this without ANY advertising, which is what makes their success such a wonder.

Go Nuts Donuts is owned and operated by the Trillana family, of Mr. Juicy and Whammo's fame. According to their research, Filipinos do not like the citrus taste of lemons nor do they like very high sugar contents on their donuts. Armed with this knowlege they started the business.

They have flavors like peanut butter and pastillas which I admit is something new. The other flavors are just creatively named renditions of old favorites.

Krispy Kremes still haven't made it to our shores but even if they do, it is very likely that Go Nuts will give them a run for their money.

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