WTF Is That?

(see also How To Glowstick)

(also known as sticking, stixxin, glowstixin, and glowstick dancing)

Your eyes scan the dark room. Colored lights flash on the floor and on you in sync with the almost oppressively loud techno blaring in the background. Suddenly, you see two slivers of light chasing eachother in a graceful pattern. They flow like the waves of sound that are filling the room and your soul. Just as you're feeling calm and complacent, the light starts swirling faster and faster. And then, one of the sticks falls to the ground and you can barely make out a harsh expletive being uttered by the lights' master.

You have just been a hapless victim of the glowsticker. A phenomenon the likes of which every self respecting raver or clubber has seen.


(Coming Soon: How To)

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