Glover was an adventure game for the Nintendo 64, developed by Interactive Studios and starring, a glove. The story of the game ran thus:

Once upon a time, in the Crystal Kingdom, a good wizard lived in his Crystal Castle and used his magic gloves to make magic potions and spells. One day the dumb-ass wizard blew himself up and the gloves went flying. One fell to the ground safely and becomes our hero, the oddly named, Glover. The other landed in a cauldron of ucky ming, also known as evil, he becomes your arch nemesis, erm, Bad Glove? Game doesn’t really give it a name, sorry. Anyway, explosion tears the seven magic crystals down, kingdom in chaos, yadda yadda yadda, return the crystals to save the world.

The saving grace of this tortured plotline was the innovative game play the character forced. For most of the game Glover involves both glove AND crystal, (magically turned into an assortment of odd balls), many of the double character moves are reminiscent of Banjo-Kazooie, while single glove moves scream Mario. However it is the moves involving both elements that make this game different, you can throw, slap, ride and bounce the ball. It’s varying states, crystal to bowling ball, make for some challenging puzzles and an extra dimension is added to every movement.

Unfortunately the game isn’t as difficult as it could have been, simple, short levels mean it doesn’t take long to complete. Novelty features, switched on with cheat codes, like low gravity, evil ball and shrinking Glover add a little longevity but not much. Overall it’s good, clean fun but it’s never going to be the next Zelda.

Glov"er (?), n.

One whose trade it is to make or sell gloves.

Glover's suture ∨ stitch, a kind of stitch used in sewing up wounds, in which the thread is drawn alternately through each side from within outward.


© Webster 1913.

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