(Tolkien's Arda)

This river ran from the Misty Mountains in the east of Eriador to the Gwathló in Enedwaith. From its source high in the mountains (approx. 30 miles south of the West Gate of Moria) it ran west, serving as the boundary between Eregion and Dunland for some 80-90 miles, before it formerly joined the Sirannon(*) near the ruins of Ost-en-Edhel. It joined the Greyflood (Mitheithel, earlier Hoarwell) above Tharbad. At the point where it flowed through a region of marshes, fens, and meres, populated with many swans, it was known as Nîn-in-Eilph, "swan fleet".

(*) The Sirannon was a river that flowed from an underground source near the West Gate. Before the Third Age it flowed down the Stair Falls and into Eregion proper. However, at some point late in the Third Age it was dammed and caused to form the dark stagnant pool in front of the Moria Gate. This must have been around the time when the mountains started to fill with fell creatures and became dark and forboding places.


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