Hey, Down here. I'm Lisa. I'm twelve.

You notice the chair first. I know. It's ok. I don't mind. I know how it is. I'm sure if I could walk I would think it was weird. Especially for a kid. Why is she stuck in that chair? Her legs look ok. There is always a look, then a second look -unless they meet eye contact with me- because I try and get some when I can. Then there is usually embarrassment. (I know that look too- its kinda funny)


Sometimes they look too long and then they have to sheild their eyes and walk away.

I used to ask my parents why they did that. If people didn't smile or talk to me the way they did normal kids. I used to imagine they were mad at me, or scared. I don't think that anymore. I think they are just freaked out about the whole thing and they don't want to deal with the Big Tragedy of it.

As if.

As though I don't know its bad. As if I couldn't handle a little honesty. I guess they think I would start crying or yell at them if someone came over to me and talked to me, you know, honestly. How does it feel? Are you tired of being stared at? Do you have any normal friends?

Those are the questions I bet they wonder about- if they stop to see past the chair -if they look at the person in the chair.

I mean, honestly, they are the things I ask myself.

I keep thinking someday there will be a person who will ask me. I also wonder if it does happen, will I will have the guts to tell them the truth?

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