Located around the Caspian Sea, the Gilaki people of Iran has a population of 2.5 million, which makes up 5.5% of the total population of Iran. The language they speak is called Gilaki but most of the people are also bilingual in Farsi. Even though Gilaki is a older language there is no written literature

The Gilaki live in the Gilan Province in northwestern Iran along the coastal plan between the mountains and the sea. This area difers between most of Iran as it is green and has frequent rainfall. The largest city in the region is Rasht with a population of 187,000. This city is a silk-manufacturing center with great trade through the port on the Caspian SEa. A major road connects it to both Qazvin and Tehran.

The Gilaki are almost 99% Shi'a Muslim, with a very small propotion Christians. In the 1950's, there seems to be some record of missionaries visiting this region of the world and starting several Presbyterian churchs.

Information for this node was taken from www.farsi.net, http://www.calebproject.org/gilaki.htm, and http://www.aup.org/perfis/gilaki.htm <(translated by Google)

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