Yes it's me again, just spouting off something else to think about. This time it's about gifts you can give to those you only love.


This is something that takes time to work on and therefore takes time to give out. When someone trusts you, you are getting something very special, that i'm sure not many other people receive. For someone to trust someone else, there must be a bond there that is amazingly strong.


This is a gift I gave away that I wish I had kept. It's too late to turn back time, but if I could I would. It was something I gave to my boyfriend for his birthday and I have never been able to forgive myself for it. If you have it, save it, for that is a gift that anyone is willing to receive, however, only few will appreciate it.


In my life there have been a select few that have been worthy of it. My family of course nothing will ever change that. My best friend hamster bong, I know I talk about her a lot but she's so wickedly kickin. My cat Onyx, who has been there through everything. There has not been a guy in my life that I have found worthy of this yet, but when I'm not looking I'm sure he'll appear.

There are many different gifts you can give to someone, but when you give them out make sure there is a reason behind it and not just an item of convenience.

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