A series of short animated anecdotal stories produced by Studio Ghibli. So far, two episodes have been produced, each featuring a number of funny or strange episodes revolving around a group of characters that work in the "fictional" animation studio Gibli (Spelling of Ghibli changed from Jiburi to Giburi). The first was shown as a TV special, whereas the second is shown alongside the new Ghibli movie: The Cat Returns.

They feature state of the art animation, supported by CGI used to such a level of sophistication, that one only notices the computer because no animator could produce animation that fluid. The stories are usually rather strange, though always humorous and entertaining. My favorite is the Curryhouse story from the second episode, closely followed by the strange dance sequence from the same episode. Watch it!

Sadly, a release on DVD, Laserdisc or other formats has not been announced, so the only way to see this gem is to go to the movies. But maybe sometime in the future, we will be blessed with home theatre versions...


  • http://www.ghiblies.com

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