It's the second time, you know. The second time
this month I asked you to pick me up at school and you forgot.

her hair is so golden, shimmering

I wonder if you know what it’s like, to be standing around on the corner like a middle school kid waiting for mom’s minivan. I told you yesterday and I left a note in your car, you DID see the note, right?

when I look at her skin I can almost taste it,
the scent of her is a magnet

I bet you forgot to pay the electrical bill too, didn’t you? Yep. Damn! What about dinner, any thoughts about that?
I don’t suppose that occurred to you while you were waiting for me to beam home, did it? I bought four bags of stuff yesterday,
did you think our chef was busy preparing it in the hall closet?

I hate that I let her down,
but when she gets mad like this I know
she'll need a shoulder massage

You make me crazy, you know that? You’re not listening to me are you? Oh don’t give me that look….oh man…..

Oh she is so toast ...

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