Okay, like a lot of other mongrel-Americans I'm part German, but I've gotta say, whether it's San Francisco, Tokyo, Shanghai, Lhasa, or Bangkok, German tourists are the rudest, most obnoxious tourists on the face of the planet. They shove, curse, and trample, because you are In Their Way and this is Their Planet, after all. Or something. All I can say is, never have a shoving match in Tibet with a German tourist over a luggage cart, because even if he has to beat you over the head with his matched leather luggage, he'll win.

I spent two and a half months in and around Paris with a family there. When I was living with my family I began to assimilate to the culture which caused all of the tourists to stand out more to me. I became infamous for saying "I am NOT a tourist, I am a traveler" when I was amidst friends and family. I was embarrassed by the Americans in most cases, cut-off by the hordes of Japanese tourists but just frustrated by the Germans who seemed to be completely unaware of the people that were around them. They were loud and dominating. I have nothing against specific groups, I have just come to the conclusion that tourism brings out the worst part of all cultures. (ie our spending habits and clothing: bermuda shorts, I love Paris shirt, baseball cap and camera)

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