Ok, I'll start with the easier stuff, and work my way down.
Schweinefleisch: Meaning "Swine flesh", this is pork, which is the most popular meat used in recipies.
Kalb: Veal
Rind: Beef
Huhn: Chicken
Venison: Wild

Wursts (Sausages)
Bratwurst: A roasted sausage, no explination is really needed. I am sure everyone has had at least one brat in their lives.
Cheddarwurst: A twist on the bratwurst, this baby has cheezy goodness in the center.
Kochwurst: Any type of fully cooked sausage.
Leberwurst: A fully cooked sausage made from the liver of pork, beef, or lamb.
Braunschweiger Leberwurst: Smoked liver sausage.
Strassburger Leberwurst: Liver sausage with diced pork tounges and pistachios.
Rohwurst: A dry, hard sausage that does not require cooking such as salami.
Brunswick Mettwurst: Smoked pork sausage.
Weisswurst: A sausage made with veal and herbs.
Frankfurter: A long precooked hotdog. Pork or beef.
Fritzies: Small breakfast sausages.
Yachtwurst: Course pork and beef sausages.
. . . and about 1500 or so other types.

Other Yummy Favorites
Summer Sausages: Hard dry sausages with lots of garlic. Many different kinds.
Bologna: You know what it is.
Mortadella: Bologna with pistachios and chunks of lard.
Blood and Tongue: The name says it all.
Head Cheese: Bits of snout and tongue suspended in gelatin.
Pastroma: Peppered beef.

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