Primarily a forest products company, Georgia Pacific was founded in 1927 at an Augusta, Georgia hardwood lumber yard. Georgia Pacific now employs 55,000 employees at more than five hundred facilities nationwide. Recently GP has acquired Unisource and Fort James and started a new line of consumer hand soaps called Pacific Garden. Georgia Pacific is also a leader in industrial safety and devotes large portions of corporate resources to environmental conservation.

Recently, GP has been moving away from the commercial forest products industry. GP's CEO, Pete Correll, is changing the company from one that "competed at all levels of the value chain to one that competes higher up the chain and closer to the customer." Through acquisitions such as the ones mentioned above and divestitures (The Timber Company), the company is making itself known to the average consumer. The company was also required by the Department of Justice to sell its away-from-home tissue business as part of the acquisition.

GP has also began a marketing plan which features a series of several television commercials. The commercials depict every day life in America and identify the products that are made either directly or indirectly by GP. The commercials are intended to help GP gain brand recognition and facilitate the entry into the consumer market.

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