The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) was established on July 1, 2000 as a consolidation point for state-initiated IT directives. The stated intent of the GTA is to "ensure the effective utilization of IT resources in Georgia state government and make e-government a reality for our state." (

GTA is designed to provide a centralized purchasing entity (providing a grants aggregation point, project leadership, contracted pricing for both entities and employees, and other procurement services), technical assistance in IT planning, human resources development, and management of state programs. (

Additionally, the state's GSAMS videoconferencing system, Phoenix Financial and Human Resources Management Program, and the GTA pager network fall under the GTA's guidance. As new IT needs arise in state entities, the GTA investigates ways to fill those needs.

An example of one of those needs is the Georgia Technology Authority Wireless Classroom Solution Pilot which, in conjunction with state funds, provided a test group of Georgia middle schools with 802.11b wireless LANs, online curriculum, and enough wireless laptops for every student and teacher. The purpose of this project is to "examine the effects of focused instruction based on learning standards contained in the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum." (GTA000007).

More examples include:

  • Document Management Systems
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Statewide Voting System
  • GBI Investigations Equipment

Currently, the GTA is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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