Geoff's is a Thayer Street classic.

People that like Geoff's say that the don't-give-a-shit attitude and rudeness that you get there is part of the experience. It's what gives the place its personality, its charm. I think, the sandwiches are good enough that you just don't care about the people making them being obnoxious. Try finding sandwiches stacked that high anywhere else, and you'll end up paying more and getting less. Yeah, they know you'll come back anyway, so why worry?

Some people think of the 'tude like an extra seasoning; one of the secret herbs and spices in Geoff's sauce. Basil, mayo and celery salt improve a sandwich, but I don't think a dash of ego makes it taste better.

From what I hear, they have toned it down a lot, from how it used to be, but the sandwiches are still big and good.

"Okay, there's your sandwich, and there's my tip... er, I mean your change."

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