An unfinished manga written by Tony Takezaki, who also wrote AD Police. It was later made into an anime series which followed a substantially different storyline.

The manga is set in a future where Japan has become ruled by corporations. A scientist uses his two daughters, who have a psychic link, in his experiments to use their psychic power alongside machinery. Then, of course, an evil corporation blackmails him into using his research to create a deadly cyborg, the Genocyber. This sounds like a pretty clichéd story but it isn't quite as average as it sounds due to the style of the manga. The designs of the cyborgs are quite imaginative and the whole thing is much darker than your average mecha tale. It's very, very violent, and the drawing style is not the usual cutesy-manga fare. The manga was never finished, only one volume was published. However, the intro is set at the end of the story and the rest is a flashback, so you can fill in the gaps yourself, to an extent.

The anime has a similar idea behind the story, but all that really makes it in from the manga are the characters (some of which are considerably different), and some of the cyborg designs (including the spooky mannequin robots). The first episode is complex and almost impossible to follow. However, the next two episodes dump most of the sub-plots and revert to standard giant-robot battles. The next two (final) episodes are set far into the future from the previous ones and basically tell a completely different story. The first episode is stylish, imaginative, very violent, and very bizzare. However, it's all very sharply downhill from there.

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