Genealogia Paulistana is a literary historical and genealogical work written by Luís Gonzaga da Silva Leme, and published in nine volumes between 1903 and 1905. It is the largest compilation regarding brazilian genealogy, with over 2000 pages.

Silva Leme describes the most relevant families who lived in São Paulo and who then went on to explore the south american inland, also describing their way of life in various sectors such as economics and administration, and relating the way of life in the brazilian colony and later in the brazilian empire.

Each volume is divided in Titles ("Títulos"), representing different families and their descendants. The paragraphs "Errata" and "Adenda", published in the ninth volume, correct mistakes and add more information to that already present in the Títulos.

In 1999 the Genealogia Paulistana Project ("Projeto Genealogia Paulistana") began with help from volunteers who transferred Silva Leme's work on the Internet. The Project was completed in 2003.

In 2002 Marta Maria Amato, a genealogist from São Paulo, edited and corrected the work further.

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*Genealogia Paulistana Project (integral transcription of the work) (in portuguese)

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