A chess opening that begins with moving White's f2 pawn to f3:


This opening could also be called 'One Step from Disaster' because of the Fool's mate: 1.f3 e5 2.g4 Qh4 mate. The major positional drawback to the move 1.f3 is that it deprives the g1-Knight of its most aggressive square - f3, and all but rules out positioning the f1-Bishop on g2 without further waste of time by having to move the pawn placed on f3. Finally, the move 1.f3 is a liability in that it loosens the White King position by opening a diagonal 'window' nearby.


Gedult Gambit
1.f3 c5
2.e4 g6
3.d4 cxd4

1.f3 is your standard awful move. One does best NOT moving the f2/f7 pawn until much later in the game. The f3 square is needed for a Knight most often. One thing White could do now (after1...c5), is play 2.f4!? adopting the position (colors reversed) of the Dutch Defense.

Hammerschlag Opening
1.f3 e5

Impossible as an attack - unsuccessful as a defense. Kriegspeil is a chess variant where each player only has sight of his own men on an otherwise empty board. This is a good Kriegspeil opening, but not much more.

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