The GayTwist is an intermediate skateboarding or snowboarding trick performed on a Vert ramp or halfpipe. It consists of a Cabellerial with a Mute grab - a Fakie to a 360 Ollie with a front handed grab on the toeside edge.

To learn this trick on the skateboard you must first be comfortable rotating fakie ollies. Start getting comfortable skating at speed in the fakie position and practising Half Cabs (180 Fakie Ollies) flatland. This is more useful than practising Cabellerials (360 Fakie Ollies) flatland because the Half Cab lands in a normal stance which is how you will come back down the Vert after the GayTwist - flatland Cabellerials land Fakie.

Approach the ramp at speed in the Fakie position and use your upper body to twist yourself, looking over your shoulder in the direction you want to spin. Grab the board between your toes with your front hand and use the grab to pull the board around with you. Pray to your God that you have the right rotation and position the board underneath you for landing.

I'm not sure about the origins or the rather camp name of this trick (perhaps it's because the skater has to bend over and stick his arse in the air as he spins) if anyone has any idea /msg me.

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