my little town in north carolina. garner is home to, most notably, the world-renowned toot-n-tell restaurant, two blockbusters, the garden of the dwarves, a super k-mart center, and a wal-mart. the nightlife is hoppin' in good old g-town, with the k-mart, wal-mart, and kroger staying open all night long. there is one club in garner that i have never been in due to the large amount of smoke pouring forth from the door.

garner is a suburb of raleigh, leaching onto the big metropolis's southeastern side. there are two newspapers in garner, the garner times and the garner news. boy, the competition is fierce. highway 70 runs through the center of garner and is host to the most densely populated area of auto shops in the world.

a smaller part of garner, but just as important as the town itself, is the homeless village behind wal-mart. this is where the unfortunate souls who have no place to call their own reside for the night.

as you can see, garner is the most promising little corner in the triangle (tm). come and visit us sometime.

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